NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
burndcScript to burn Dreamcast images to CD on Linux fs0ciety2016-06-02 09:46
cdm-openrcA forked version of CDM which I created to work with Gentoo/Funtoo fs0ciety2016-05-12 13:33
dmtwmCustom scripts I wrote for wmutils/swm. Do not use bash installer fs0ciety2016-03-11 03:16
dotfilesMy recent ricing configs (bleeding-edge) fs0ciety2017-09-06 15:15
emerge_notifierPython command-line app to check updates in Gentoo/Funtoo fs0ciety2016-05-19 21:14
encoderEarly bash script for video encoding AU terrestrial television fs0ciety2016-05-10 23:53
fsociety.infoJekyll template and content for this website fs0ciety2017-08-02 23:27
funtoo_updaterPython commandline app to check funtoo package updates (doesn't work in gentoo) fs0ciety2016-01-24 21:39
mkusb-installerWindows 10 USB Creator for Linux fs0ciety2017-06-13 10:15
olddots-2015Old ricing configs - includes configs for multiple wms fs0ciety2016-05-11 00:08